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October 2013

Geoff Says: Here’s the Health Care Scoop

Hooray for those crazy kids of PIRG, the Public Interest Research Group! If you, or someone you know, needs a clear explanation of how the Affordable Care Act is supposed to work – when they finally get the website functioning – this site has a guide that seems to provide very clear, step-by-step info.  … Read the rest

No More Paper?

Trickling down the pipe from our local County Clerk of the Circuit Court of Pinellas County Ken Burk is this lovely petition for the permanence of paper.  Your pad may be nice for some things, but for some things you might still want to fall back on old, faithful dried out tree pulp.  … Read the rest

Zombie Flesh Melts in Your Mouth, says Alligator

Eew! Dead stuff! We are genetically programmed to be afraid of the signs of death and disease – or so they say.  That is why zombies, vampires and Frankenstein’s monster are so frightening. But zombies would probably never even get to Puttin’ On The Ritz before being torn apart by nature’s decomposers.  … Read the rest

Stick Man, Child of Light

The best Halloween costume ever – or at least one of the most de-light-ful costumes must be this stick figure LED suit made by YouTuber named Visual Burrito. Well Ole! The “animation” of a toddler’s uncertain steps make this costume and video particularly charming.… Read the rest

“Battle Won” By Elsipogtog First Nation

Like the Rebels in Star Wars (Yes, I went there) native peoples are fighting back against the evil empire that would take their land and resources, and today Elsipogtog First Nation are declaring a people’s victory after a Canadian judge on Monday refused to stop the protesters blockading against fracking exploration in New Brunswick.… Read the rest

1491 Ecosystems and Architecture in the Americas

What did Columbus really find?  Just ask eco-antrhopolofist Charles C. Mann, who wrote “1491” about pre-European Americas and  “1493” about the ecological carnage and disease that wiped the natives out.  “From southern Maine down to about the Carolinas, you would have seen pretty much the entire coastline lined with farms, cleared land, interior for many miles and densely populated villages generally rounded with wooden walls.… Read the rest

Controlling Public Opinion and Democracy

In Part Two of my favorite academic analysis of class warfare, the learn how Sigmund Freud learned secrets about human’s unconscious and irrational ways and how his nephew Edward Bernays put them to use for government and big business. Alex Carey’s
Since the days of Regan, elections are based on feelings, not facts. … Read the rest

How Media Controls Your Beliefs

Folks say I am cynical and paranoid, and I say they just don’t know the truth about modern propaganda designed to control what they think. Today I share part one of an amazing work by Alex Carey, an Australian Professor who showed how big business used the insights of Sigmund Freud to manipulste public opinion.… Read the rest

On the Vine

Have you seen Vine yet? It is actually hilarious!  Super short videos usually with a funny punch line or gag. Sometimes an athletic feat or just a funny puppy dog or twerking cat. Some running gags like Slap Cam offer slapstick running gags, although I think they might be taking it too far when setting friends on fire.… Read the rest