Techie Tuesday: A Real Buck Rodgers Rocket Ship?

As the quest for space moves from government to corporations (like so many other fantastic things developed by taxpayers and then handed over to the crony-ist bidder) new and exciting achievements are on the horizon. (sic) Take, for example, this amazing video of a SpaceX rocket ship that does the heretofore unthinkable: this rocket takes off and lands all in piece.  Whoosh, up it goes … la la la it’s on the way to space … but wait!  Now it descends, and lands using the same rockets it used to blast off.  This may sound like a no brainer, but up til now nobody’s brain could figure out how to do it.   As an added bonus, the video was filmed by a drone or two, so we can get a peek at what those practically invisible flybots can see as well.   Here tis: