Soapbox Saturday: Gas Gone Wild!

Mary Allan returns to the Daily Revolution with sad observations on gas prices.
When I began driving, my daughter’s father gave me a black, Ford Falcon which had belonged to a retired teacher in Alton, Illinois.
I felt free as a bird, and if I saved Eagle Stamps which I had received at almost every store where I shopped, and filled a book, I could exchange the coupons
for a full tank of gas which lasted forever.
Years passed.  I now drove a blue Ford Mustang.  Gasoline prices had soared to over thirty  cents a gallon!
I now worked 40 miles from my home..  Three fellow workers had me pick them up and drive them to work and back home.  The $5.00 a person thy paid, covered the cost of gas for the week.
My daughter learned how to drive, and I gave her my Mustang, much to her delight. Prices were rising…over a dollar a gallon. I never asked for more money when I upgraded to an Oldsmobile.
Every Thursday I went grocery shopping when I dropped off my last rider.  Everyone who rode with me agreed that we should all shop together Thursday night.
Great idea, but they often had to sit surrounded by groceries when the trunk was already full.
I moved to England in the ’70’s.  “Petrol” was more expensive, and I had to travel into the city of Hull in Yorkshire.  Each day was 85 miles round trip.  Gas was running about $1.20 a gallon.  My then husband drove on weekends.
Returning in the late ’70’s, we moved to a suburb of New Orleans, Metairie.  I found keeping my speed down and finding short cuts to the shopping center where I now worked, helped to control my outlay for gas.
We watched gas prices raise 15-20 cents a gallon each year.  I laughingly thought of riding my bike to work…
Every year since I began driving in 1952, gas prices have risen and our politicians have mumbled about taxes, high cost of refining gasoline, shortages of gas production, and the possibility of our having to import fuel from other countries.
Enough already!  We want to know the truth – we’ve taken the bus, ridden our bikes and walked miles to make ends meet.
Click this pic to check out gas prices from long ago.
Click this pic to check out gas prices from long ago.