Techie Tuesday: Augmented Reality

Now this is going just way too far, in my opinion.   The real world it seems is no longer interesting enough.  And maps with aps detailing what you see are no longer enough. Now DizWars, or StarNey or whoever, want you point your cell phone at everything you see, just in case a special video advertisement pops up.  OMG.  Can’t we all just sit quietly in nature and watch the flowers in the breeze or the waves come ashore? I don’t mind a bit of history and interesting anecdote provided by my ipad, but this gluttonous augmentation is sickening.   The word augment means to make “more in size, extent, or quantity” not too “make something better” and unlike a little helpful info on a restaurant or historical marker, this so called augmented reality is in reality not reality at all.  Ugh!