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June 2014

Wild Friday: Listen to These 5 Unexplained Sounds

Are they animals? Secret military signals? Or just sounds from natural phenomenon so rare we don’t even know what they are?  Today I share this short but fascinating collection of 5 mysterious sounds.  What do you think they are? Tell me in the comments.… Read the rest

Wild Friday: Giant Arrows Across USA for Aliens?

Ever so often, usually in the vast deserts of the American Southwest, a hiker or a backpacker will run across something puzzling: a large concrete arrow, as much as seventy feet in length, sitting in the middle of nowhere.

What are these giant arrows?… Read the rest

Techie Tuesday: Kids React to Old Computers

Today we expose old floppy discs to young children and see what happens when the innocent must cope with DOS and PRINT commands.   It’s been a mere 30 years but everything has changed with the internet and miniaturization.  Watch this video and see if you remember the day when the mouse first came out to play.… Read the rest