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September 2014

Techy Tuesday: Battling for Bees

Surely you have heard about the mysterious disease that is killing off bees?  There has been a lot of concern about colonies of bees simply disappearing.  Now it seems the disappearances have stopped.  But, the bees are still dying by the handfuls! … Read the rest

Thirsty Thursday: St. Pete’s Warehouse Arts District

Would you like to discover a woman’s favourite fantasy? Thanks to St. Peterburg’s passion for the arts you can point your peepers, ears and even taste buds towards the Warehouse Arts District on March 14 for the Femme Fantasy Festival, an event designed to draw attention to the creative explosion going on south of Central.  … Read the rest

Worldwide Wednesday: Leave Our Park the FCK Alone!

Not to take a position on this or anything, but according to legend, Lassing Park property was gifted to the city by our first mayor with the proviso that it remain undeveloped, a beachy oasis on Tampa Bay where the dolphins literally frolic with the humans walking out on the sand bars. … Read the rest

Techy Tuesday: Hey, you, get out of my cloud!

Why use a pass phrase instead of a password?  How do you really remove photos from the cloud and what can you do to keep your phone from sending everything to a hacker?  With recent celebrity hacks in the news, Truthloader has a new video with the latest ways to keep your privates private… Read the rest

Mother Earth Monday: Sealife Making A Comeback

Good News reports that some fish species are making “a dramatic turnaround … after just 14 years of federal fishery management to restore these economically important fisheries in California, Oregon and Washington.”

“This is one of the great success stories about ecological and economic recovery of a commercially important fishery,” said Margaret Spring at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.… Read the rest