Mother Earth Monday: Communities ‘Go Local’ with Green Power

In the face of a mounting carbon crisis and the lack of action by commercial utility companies to adopt greener energy solutions, communities across the nation are opting to take hold of the power—literally!—and switch to more local, less polluting energy sources.

Reporting from Sonoma County, California, LA Times reporter Evan Halper highlights this growing trend known as Community Choice Aggregation. Established by law in six states thus far, including California, CCA allows communities to pool their energy load and then direct the purchase of their energy supply while working in partnership with existing utilities, who then deliver the power.

“If you are an environmentally focused community, this is something big you can do,” Shawn Marshall, executive director of the San Francisco Bay Area-based Local Energy Aggregation Network (LEAN), told Halper.

Along with Sonoma County, which recently launched the Sonoma Clean Power initiative sourcing energy at competitive rates from local geothermal plant, communities from coastal Massachusetts, Cincinnati, Chicago and Boulder, Colo. are all organizing alternative utility providers that curate and source their own local power supply.

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