Tech Tuesday: Sustainability Degree at USFSP?

Sharon Joy says you are invited to the  Forum on  Sustainability Degree at USFSP this Thursday, October 23, 2014 2:00 — 3:30 pm at Harbor Hall, USFSP (former DALI Museum)
Students, faculty, staff and the community will  gather to discuss the formation of the Sustainability Steering Committee, whose charter is to propose a sustainability program/degree for USFSP.

A vibrant university seeks to work at the intersection of present reality and untapped potential. A small working group offered USFSP’s first step in mapping the present reality and providing a vision that taps into a growing area of opportunity. We found that students, faculty, staff, and the Tampa Bay community all agree that:
Any sustainability program should provide cross-disciplinary content
Systems education should be foundational and integrated into any program
Close partnerships between the university and local business community should facilitate germane student experiences and educate the community on the relevancy of sustainability practices and attitudes
Now, we need your participation
Please RSVP to
Jennifer Winter at (727-873-4331) or
Leon Hardy at (727-873-4871)
If you cannot make this meeting and are interested, please contact us to keep you on our list!