Tech Tuesday: Google, YouTube & FaceBook Crack Down on Free Speech

The gatekeepers of the internet are censoring what you see – especially independent media.  Google/YouTube/FaceBook the neo-Book Burners are attacking Truther Channels like Free Radio Revolution, Red Pill, etc by cutting off their advertisement funding, erasing or removing content and other techniques of shutting down this freedom of the press.   Remember my post on how the gatekeepers use technology to keep you in a curated/censored info bubble?  Well, now the bubble is turning into an iron curtain.

In this video Luke Rudkowski of Free Radio Revolution (click here for his story about censorship) talks to Jason Bassler of The Free Thought Project and Nick Bernabe of The Anti Media about the current uphill battle they are facing as independent media. They discussed how previously alternative media had more opportunities to reach the public and how those current avenues are being hindered by the powers that be. They also talked about possible solutions and how you can help.

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