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April 2015, Page 2

Worldwide Wednesday: ‘Water Gandhi’ of India Turns Dust Bowls Into Lush Villages Using Ancient Ways

Rajendra-Singh-FB-Tarun-Bharat-SanghA $150,000 prize has been awarded to the “Water Gandhi of India” for his wildly successful work that turns abandoned, impoverished “dust bowls” into lush villages bustling with life again using an ancient method of rainwater harvesting.

For teaching thousands of villagers in India’s most arid region how to build earthen dams to catch the monsoon rains and revitalize their land, Rajendra Singh was honored Friday with the 2015 Stockholm Water Prize, reported the GoodNewsNetwork.Read the rest

Wild Friday: How Conservatives Got Duped by Scam

Do you know anybody who is hoarding food for the apocalypse?  Online scammer Allen Baler says “Our philosophy is one man, one laptop, one million bucks. I just love the freedom of being able to make a nice income, to make a nice business and just be, basically, myself.”… Read the rest

Worldwide Wednesday: American Colonies of Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands …

Did you know that Puerto Rico has a larger population than several states, but no vote for President?  The same goes for the Virgin Islands and other American Colonies … I mean “Territories.”

The legal justification for the disenfranchisement of the territories is based on a 114-year-old decision that says they are “inhabited by alien races” who “can’t understand Anglo-Saxon laws.” … Read the rest