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May 2015

Worldwide Wednesday: France vs. The Skip Dippers

ThinkProgress says France will ban supermarkets from tossing food in the trash, no doubt much to the dismay of gourmands who have even made haute cuisine cook books of dumpster derived delights.   The news paints this as a victory against food waste, but Mikee says it is just an effort by the French government to discourage bin-diving, containering, shopping at the D-mart, dumpstering, tatting, skipping, or as they say in Australia “skip dipping.”

Grocery stores in France will soon be banned from throwing away or destroying unsold food, under a bill passed unanimously by the French parliament last week.

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Techie Tuesday: Solar Freakin Roadways!

Have you seen this video for solar freaking roadways?  It is all about replacing the roads with solar roads.  They could generate triple the power needed to run the world as we know it, and with built in sensors and LED lights solar roads could be transformative, fun and safer than that ugly black tarmac we all love to hate.  … Read the rest

Wild Friday: USA to Stop Texas Occupation

Thanks to Geoff for sharing this farcical response to pleas from Texas Governor Greg Abbott from the White House:

“We plan to withdraw all US military personnel and close all bases by December 2015”

In a brief statement President Obama said

“The US Occupation of Texas is over, the troops will finally be coming home after so many years.”

Some 250,000 personnel will be immediately affected.… Read the rest

Thirsty Thursday: Palindromic Week

OK. Is this a Thursday thing?  I am not sure what to do with this one, but it certainly is interesting for numerologists and folks who just like to have fun with their days.  And dates.  This week every day is a palindrome, when written the correct way.… Read the rest

Worldwide Wednesday: Black in America, What Its Really Like in 2015

At Tuskegee’s 2015 graduation First (African American) Lady Michelle Obama was blunt about life for “folks like you and me, because while we’ve come so far, the truth is that those age-old problems are stubborn and they haven’t fully gone away.” Her comments about racism in modern America show depth of understanding and ring true for all minorities.… Read the rest

Mother Earth Monday: Wants Your Help!

We all love sea turtles, and if you want to help protect them, or if you see one, the place to turn is  They are having a fund-raiser right now, if turtles are you thing. 😉

What began as “Turtle Tidings” in 1996 and embodies a desire to support research and conservation efforts in the sea turtle community has morphed into a website and the Marine Turtle Newsletter.Read the rest

Thirsty Thursday: Fair Use and the Dramatist

On a subject near and dear to Daily Revolution readers, fair use, comes today’s featured video, hot off the presses from The Dramatists Guild of America.  Following a scuffle over Three’s Company spoof 3C, the lines on what is fair use were cleared up a bit. … Read the rest