Thirsty Thursday: Me & Puccini, Live at the Palladium!

OK. Maybe I’m only an extra.  And maybe there are a few others involved too, like Maestro Mark Sfortzini and the ever “kind, gentle” director Marc Asafan – not to mention the glass-shattering eponymous Canadian soprano Susan Tsagkaris or Casey Finnigan AKA the Unknown Prince.   Or would that be the “Prince Formerly Known as Known”?

Come practice your Italian (English words are projected above) and enjoy Orientalism (that’s academ-ese for western Chinese stereotypes) at it’s finest at the Palladium this weekend and see how three riddles separate ordinary men from marriage to Princess Turandot, where the penalty for answering incorrectly is death. A mysterious foreign prince answers the riddles and then turns the tables by offering Turandot a chance to back out of the wedding if she can guess his true identity by morning.  No one in the kingdom will sleep while she tries to learn his name!

St. Pete Opera makes this promise: Set in China, with dazzling costumes and stunning pageantry, Puccini’s final opera will fill your heart with sumptuously powerful music.

FMI and tickets here.