Soapbox Saturday: Will Truvada Keep You From Catching HIV?

Famous gay porn director Chichi Larue says “I’m learning so much here it’s crazy! I thought I was gonna come here knowing everything, but I’m learning” because times have seriously changed since AIDS first emerged.   Are you ready to hear explicit talk about gay sex and Truvada, the anti-reteroviral drug that may prevent you from contracting HIV if exposed to the virus?   Find out about “the new negative”, what it’s like to live with HIV for decades and the latest information from the medical community, the streets and trenches with Kevin James and Dr. Chris Donaghue. “Imagine a world where there was no HIV stigma, and 90% of the people with the disease were on medication.”  Imagine a cure!  Until that day, it’s your behavior and the precautions you take that will decide.