Wild Friday: Astral Travel

At last! A practical guide to astral travel for dummies made easy.  Thanks to Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s series on the Siddha Tradition we have this speech on the topic Parakaaya Pravesha or astral travel. He reluctantly used the word astral travel, as there really isn’t an English word to explain this phenomenal concept.

“It is more important to just understand the concept of one’s soul entering another’s body.
There are four levels of moving from one body to another used by the siddhas:

1. Person having a body entering a dead body.
There are two categories: a dead body that had life or a dead body which never had life. Rituals must be performed on these bodies to clear them before a soul can enter.

2. Person having a body entering a living body.
Mediums fall into this category. An Enlightened being is radiating at a high frequency. If you offer your low frequency ego, it slowly gets melted and that medium slowly melts into the body. Energy starts reflecting in that body. It is a very powerful thing. That person becomes a medium. Paramahamsa Nithyananda gave a stern warning over this practice. Sometimes black magicians use a person’s ego to penetrate and use the body to destroy other bodies. It is a terrible suffering, war of destruction. This fellow uses his strength of ego and enters into that body by destroying the mind of that person. Paramahamsa Nithyananda stressed this is most dangerous; neither can be encouraged or allowed. How to find out if the person entering you is enlightened? If you are being a medium and it is only peace and joy you experience, be clear you are divya sareerees or becoming a medium to an enlightened being. Do it again and again.
If you are not enjoying and terrible suffering is following — nightmares, dullness, bad feelings, get away from that person and never allow that person to enter your breathing space.
On the other hand, after being a medium if you feel completely elated, ecstatic, the next day morning everything looks more fresh, green, alive and your senses have high peak experience, do it again and again. Have joy, jump, run, enjoy it!

3. Siddha not having body entering dead body

4. Siddha not having body entering living body — same thing as 3.
Understand all these four in different levels it will help you. If you understand the possibility that a siddha can reflect in your body, Paramahamsa Nithyananda says this is the best that can happen to your body, just get out, let him occupy. What best can happen than becoming divya sareerees? That’s the greatest thing can happen to you and the body.
Second thing: if you know the possibility of a siddha who doesn’t have a body, a feeling connection will be established in your body. Shiva himself is a great siddha who doesn’t have a body who can enter. Just send request for him to enter. You can invoke them; create a little space. This is a very practical tool, technique for your enlightenment.
As for regular people learning to occupy another body, Paramahamsa Nithyananda was adamant. We don’t know what to do with one, why have another? “One body is enough, unless you have screw loose, that is not required.”

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