Soapbox Saturday: Will Hyper Allow Expression But Combat Bullying?

Abuse on social media platforms is an ongoing phenomena, one that’s largely a product of instant, easy access to hurl one’s thoughts or beliefs at a complete stranger. Twitter has earned a top spot in the public eye for rampant harassment that too frequently goes unchecked. Other online communities such as Reddit, have been criticized for nurturing the dark underbelly of human interaction, one that often veers into creepy, discriminatory, or misogynistic territory.

But while mainstream social media platforms tackle increased abuse on their sites, a new app Hyper may have already figured out the secret to creating a space with controversial content but little abuse.

According to Hyper’s co-creator Dan Frieber, a Brooklyn-based designer and developer, it all comes down to with whom users surround themselves or become surrounded by — the audience, or in social media, followers.

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