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July 2015, Page 2

Wild Friday: Why is Everything a Hoax?

Mass media and social media are controlled by the Government, says this YouTuber. (Question, are “YouTubers” the new “Couch Potatoes”?)  In pursuit of a globalist agenda, our secret rulers push their agenda by fabricating news and creating giant “hollywood” hoaxes to attract your attention and bend your mind! … Read the rest

Thirsty Thursday: It’s The Music!

Listen to It’s The Music on WMNF.ORG or 88.5 FM in West Florida. This episode from July 9, 2015 is hosted by me!  Hear old favorites and hot summer songs as well as a few goofy surprises!  Tiger Lily joins me to keep your ears and mind entertained with comedy, tragedy and a special set of music just to say thank you to the US Supreme Court!… Read the rest

Mother Earth Monday: Dams Cause Extinctions

A new study by University of East Anglia researchers confirms what numerous Indigenous communities have long charged: gigantic hydroelectric dam construction projects are not environmentally friendly, as proponents claim, but in fact pose a profound threat to biodiversity and life in the Amazon.

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Human Temple Sunday: MDMA for PTSD

I’ll be the first the admit that watching my lover die of AIDS when I was 19 was traumatic.  I was diagnosed with PTSD, just like soldiers returning home after watching freinds die horribly.   As college kid, I had access and a community that used MDMA for recreational and social development  purposes. … Read the rest

Wild Friday: Can Apps Protect You From Ver-Eyes-On Adver-Spyers?

Our friends at the Electronic Frontier Foundation want you to know that Stanford’s Jonathan Mayer and ProPublica show how Verizon’s undeleteable UIDH mobile tracking header is used by adver-spyer to respawn deleted cookies.

The only complete protection from being tracked by Verizon’s injected headers is to follow the advice in Verizon’s privacy policy, and not use their product at all:

If you do not want information to be collected for marketing purposes from services such as the Verizon Wireless Mobile Internet services, you should not use those particular services.

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Thirsty Thursday: 3 Gay Guys Reading in Ft. Lauderdale

ISLAND CITY STAGE invites you to attend a FREE reading of 3 Gay Guys, a new play by Dewey Davis-Thompson, at Empire Stage 1140 N. Flagler Drive, Fort Lauderdale on Monday, June 29 at 7pm.
What happens in a three way relationship, and how does it fit in with the new model of gay marriage? 
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Worldwide Wednesday: What are Americans Like?

Americans “smell like freedom” says one fellow in this video about how people from other countries spot people from  the USA when they travel overseas.  It seems we are fat, loud, greedy, sloppy and uptight.  Well, gee, tell us how you really feel!… Read the rest