Worldwide Wednesday: Fly With An Astronaut!

Thanks to Ty Rossmellia, an article on my computer caught my eye, “Fly With An Astronaut at Kennedy Space Center”.  I’ve been almost everywhere else, why not space?

When I met my son’s father, he was working on the Apollo Space project in St. Louis.  He’d been a Flying Tiger during WWII, and knew more about planes than anyone I’d met.  We married, and each evening when he returned home from work, I begged for updated information on the project.

The Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida offers the experience “…to a limited number of guests.”   It “blasted off” July 29 this year, and the next dates are August 5-9.

The experience gives guests a debriefing, then an entry to the Shuttle Launch Experience.  You’ll find out what it’s like to launch into space aboard a shuttle travelling 17,500 mph.  Take a guided tour with an astronaut, enjoy a catered buffet lunch at the Apollo/Saturn V Center, a panoramic photo stop at the Launch Complex, 39 Observation Gantry, an autographed photo of the guest with an astronaut, and a parting retail gift.

Rates begin at $199 for adults and $174 for children (ages 3-11).  Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Annual pass holder rates start at $149.00 per adult and $134 for children 3-11.

When you go remember that you have been where I haven’t, and I am green with envy.

FMI Fly With An Astronaut