Mother Earth Monday: The Global Reporting Initiative

One of our board members at the Sustany Foundation suggested we listen to the “short, not very in depth but interesting article at NPR called Soy Seats In New Cars: Are Companies Doing Enough For Environment?”  But board member Janet Hall says
Thanks for sharing. I would replace ‘short’ with shallow.This is the first time I have thought a story on ATC didn’t consider all things.
Does Mr. Ehrenfeld know that the purpose of implementing the Global Reporting Initiative is so that a company can identify their most significant economic, environmental, and social impacts and create a relevant sustainability report? Does the writer know that these reports (and data from CDP) are used by every major financial institution to make investment decisions? Although Ford has scored low on CDP for managing risks and opportunity around climate change, they have updated their materiality matrix every other year for the last decade, considering internal and external stakeholder feedback, to ID their impacts:
It is all a balancing act. I believe their shareholders [7% of equity shares are held by United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) signatories], will continue to apply pressure around how they are managing the risks and impacts of a low carbon economy in terms of being an innovative transportation company.
Putting quotes around “so-called sustainability reports” makes them seem altruistic. That is why implementing the Global Reporting Initiative is so important for a company, whether public or private. It is critical that companies get it right the first time and show they are not only managing their economic risks, but social, environmental and governance as well.