Mother Earth Monday: Man Lives as a Goat

Now this is really strange … and really interesting!   Is it post-humanism or trans-humanism or a strange fetish that has Thomas Thwaites  investigating what it might be like to live as a goat.

“He set a goal of crossing the Swiss Alps, and found a sympathetic goatherd who was willing to let him live amongst his herd in September 2014. But living as a goat—let alone navigating the region’s rocky, sloping terrain, Thwaites would soon discover—was far from easy. There was little time to get used to the prosthetics, which placed a painful amount of weight on his arms when travelling downhill. It was much too cold and rainy to sleep with the goats outside, so Thwaites and his team set up camp each night. And, of course, there was the matter of convincing the goats that this funny-looking man with prosthetic limbs and a helmet was actually one of their own.”

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