Worldwide Wednesday: To Tour?

Mary Allan shares this advise: A tour package is the product of a tour operator.  Many of these tour operators specialize in specific areas of the world such as Europe, Asia, Russia, etc.  There are other operators who provide standard tours in the United States.

There are times when purchasing a standard tour package can save you money.  You travel with a group on a tour that has been prepackaged.  Airline reservations are often based on negotiated rates for the tour company.  Check to see if you can use your frequent flyer points with an airline that serves the arrival/departure points of such a tour.

You may need to have a passport, check that and, if you have a passport make sure it’s valid from the departure date through the return date.  Some tours may require a visa or visas.  Your agent will advise you.  I cannot recommend travel insurance strongly enough.  Ask your agent for a brochure.  Tours usually offer accommodations for one up to four persons per room, usually rooms are based on accommodations for one or two. Some tour operators have lower rates for a child occupying a room with their parents.  Tours include transfers, accommodations, sightseeing and some meals.  The inclusions are usually shown in the brochure

Cruises include your accommodations (some of them offering balconies in your cabin), flights to and from the cruise, meals (often, a special celebration on board) and entertainment.  “Shore excursions” (tours) can be purchased on board and if you wish to leave the ship in port and walk around yourself, check on the departure time so that you are not left behind!  Please read the material which your agent gives you and ask questions.  Happy trip!