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Tech Talk Tuesday, Page 2

Techie Tuesday: Encrypt Your Laptop Like You Mean It

Nobody knows how serious personal computing security is better than the folks at the Intercept, who broke the story about Edward Snowden and continue with revelations based on the information he provided.  The Intercept has recently published an article on the top tips for encyrpting your laptop.… Read the rest

Techie Tuesday: Solar Freakin Roadways!

Have you seen this video for solar freaking roadways?  It is all about replacing the roads with solar roads.  They could generate triple the power needed to run the world as we know it, and with built in sensors and LED lights solar roads could be transformative, fun and safer than that ugly black tarmac we all love to hate.  … Read the rest

Techie Tuesday: DARPA, The Real Top Secret Science Center

Who really invented the internet?  DARPA, the top secret weapons and technology agency of the US government.   The internet was originally called DARPA net and connected military bases.  So what amazing new technology could DARPA be working on now?  Watch this video and find out!… Read the rest

Tech Tuesday: Google, YouTube & FaceBook Crack Down on Free Speech

The gatekeepers of the internet are censoring what you see – especially independent media.  Google/YouTube/FaceBook the neo-Book Burners are attacking Truther Channels like Free Radio Revolution, Red Pill, etc by cutting off their advertisement funding, erasing or removing content and other techniques of shutting down this freedom of the press.  … Read the rest

Techie Tuesday: Got Lava?

The lava lamp was invented by Edward Craven Walker whose other claim to fame was making underwater nudist films says Abigail Tucker in Smithsonian Magazine:

At a certain moment in the late 1960s, the lava lamp came to symbolize all things countercultural and psychedelic—although, as you might expect, those who basked in its lurid glow sometimes had trouble recalling exactly why.… Read the rest

Techie Tuesday: Brain to Brain Communication

+You may remember neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis — he built the brain-controlled exoskeleton that allowed a paralyzed man to kick the first ball of the 2014 World Cup. What’s he working on now? Building ways for two minds (rats and monkeys,  to send messages brain to brain.… Read the rest

Techie Tuesday: Power “Plants”?

Move over, potato-clock!  Plant-e’s technology produces electricity from plants without damaging them. This month more than 300 LED lights were illuminated by the Dutch company Plant-e in a new energy project called “Starry Sky.” Although the bulbs were ordinary, the electricity running through them derived from a new process that harnesses the power of living plants.  … Read the rest

Techie Tuesday: iPhone Thermal Reader Sees Your ATM Pin!

Your pin code for your ATM card might be read by the guy in line after you with this handy iPhone infrared camera.  Your door code and other codes are also at risk.  Watch this video to learn how to remove this potential threat to your 1,2,3,4  – whatever you type in to get at your cash.… Read the rest