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Soapbox Saturday

Soapbox Saturday: Secret Corporate Agenda of TPP, TTIP & TISA

The Three T’s are the treaties being negotiated in secret to override local and national laws designed to protect people. Instead, all the power will go to corporations and multi-national interests.  Forget passing any environmental protection laws or health care reforms, because big business can sue you for taking away their god-given right to profits. … Read the rest

Soapbox Saturday: The News is Not News

I’m with Thom Hartmann who says the news is total drek. Penis length or lack of penis entirely have been the focus of pukish pundits everywhere you turn.  What about the actual issues?

Hartman says “the corporate commercial networks are much, much happier presenting personal drama in the form of packaged infotainment and faux outrage rather than any sort of programming in the public interest.… Read the rest

Soapbox Saturday: What’s Being Removed From the Web?

The Chilling Effects database collects and analyzes legal complaints and requests for removal of online materials, helping Internet users to know their rights and understand the law. A project of Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Chilling Effects is an independent 3rd party research project studying cease and desist letters concerning online content.… Read the rest

Soapbox Saturday: Student Loan Mayhem!

A group of anti-debt camaigners pulled off a creative hoax on Monday by falsely announcing it had won a coveted prize offered by the nation’s student “aid” industry with this innovative proposal: “end student debt for good by making higher education tuition free for all.”

Read the rest

Wild Friday: Secret Societies Revealed

Genuine secret societies have existed for centuries, conducting their business in darkened back rooms and, more often than not, exerting a mysterious influence upon our culture. Through history there have been many secret societies and conspiracy theories about those societies.

From political organisations to college frats, these groups require their members to conceal their activities, and sometimes their identities, from the public.… Read the rest