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Thirsty Thursday: Daniel’s Husband

So many of my gay friends think “why bother?” now that society encourages us to shack up legally like the rest of our herd. Maybe that is not such a bad idea, after all, warns the “incomparable and prolific” playwright Michael McKeever in his tear-jerker Daniel’s Husband, now playing at Empire Stage as Island City Stage’s season finale.… Read the rest

Thirsty Thursday: Me & Puccini, Live at the Palladium!

OK. Maybe I’m only an extra.  And maybe there are a few others involved too, like Maestro Mark Sfortzini and the ever “kind, gentle” director Marc Asafan – not to mention the glass-shattering eponymous Canadian soprano Susan Tsagkaris or Casey Finnigan AKA the Unknown Prince.  … Read the rest

Thirsty Thursday: Palindromic Week

OK. Is this a Thursday thing?  I am not sure what to do with this one, but it certainly is interesting for numerologists and folks who just like to have fun with their days.  And dates.  This week every day is a palindrome, when written the correct way.… Read the rest

Thirsty Thursday: Fair Use and the Dramatist

On a subject near and dear to Daily Revolution readers, fair use, comes today’s featured video, hot off the presses from The Dramatists Guild of America.  Following a scuffle over Three’s Company spoof 3C, the lines on what is fair use were cleared up a bit. … Read the rest

Thirsty Thursday: Cascascadading Golden Locks of Whoopi Goldberg

Family knows and loves it, the rest of you get ready for a hilarious, political, heartrendering (thanks, Dubya) one woman show from Broadway, way back in the 1890s, or close to it.  Whoopi Goldberg’s many crazy characters all come to life in this astounding performance that taught me at an early age that good theatre does not require elaborate sets, a cast of thousands and a big dance number at the end.… Read the rest

Thirsty Thursday: Steal Like an Artist!

My friend Pamela from Atlanta shares  “a fascinating interview between photographer/media artist Chase Javis (his podcast Chase Javis LIVE) and Austin Kleon who wrote Steal Like an Artist and Share Your Work about copying work (!) about things such as the difference between being an artist and doing the art: the rest

Thirsty Thursday: Seven Creative Things

Charmian shared these 7 Tenets of Creative Writing 

1. You Are Creative
Artists are not special, but each of us is a special kind of artist who enters the world as a creative and spontaneous thinker. While creative people believe they are creative, those who don’t hold that belief are not.… Read the rest

Thirsty Thursday: Meme Mashup on YouTube

1412pent+Wow.  This is a madcap romp through the favorite songs of 2014 featuring many of the most popular YouTube personalities including John Green and his brother What’s His Name, The Pentatonics, Bark Baker, and lots of other superstars of the streamwaves.  … Read the rest