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Thirsty Thursday: Lovers’ Quorum, A One Minute Play

Here is the script for Lovers’ Quorum , a one minute play first produced in 2006 as part of the Got A Minute? breast cancer fundraiser in Sarasota, Florida.


Boy loves girl

who loves girl

who loves girl back

so you would think boy

would get the clue and go

but he doesn’t.

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Thirsty Thursday: The Thanksgiving Salmon Story

In honor of the following true story about Thanksgiving salmons, I share this recent video featuring repeat salmon deliveries.  Watch it and you will see…

Now then, I met my in-laws for the first time on Thanksgiving Day, and being  consummate hosts they included a beautiful salmon in their dinner menu as some of those attending the meal no longer ate fowl but did eat fish. … Read the rest

Thirsty Thursday: Theater Tampa Bay Awards

The fourth annual Theater Tampa Bay Awards ceremony was held last Monday night at the Palladium Theater in downtown St. Petersburg and freeFall Theatre was basically running laps up the steps to accept awards, then backstage for a quick photo before joining the audience just long enough to be called on stage again! … Read the rest

Thirsty Thursday: St. Pete’s Warehouse Arts District

Would you like to discover a woman’s favourite fantasy? Thanks to St. Peterburg’s passion for the arts you can point your peepers, ears and even taste buds towards the Warehouse Arts District on March 14 for the Femme Fantasy Festival, an event designed to draw attention to the creative explosion going on south of Central.  … Read the rest

See My Play About Manatees at Tampaworks 2014

Tampaworks 2014 - Play Local

Stageworks and Tucker Hall is proud to present Tampaworks 2014 – Play Local.  Sponsored by Mercury Advisors and the Simon Family.  To purchase tickets, click on the links below.

Selected Plays

“Duck” by Sheila Cowley — 1M, 1W — Charming story of a married couple trying to clear many years’ accumulation out of what was supposed to be a guest room in their south Tampa home.

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Dewey Davis-Thompson, Dramatists Guild Rep for West Florida

Gary Garrison, Executive Director of the Dramatists Guild of America has made this announcement to our DG Members in Florida:

For several years now we’ve been talking about how best to serve the needs of a writing community in Florida that is scattered geographically from one end of the state to another and is demographically one of the most diverse Guild member populations we have.

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Thirsty Thursday: A Mob of Mad Poets

Last Wednesday night
I had such a fright
my end was in sight
and the afterlife light
was seemingly bright
for hell hath no bite
like a mob of mad poets!

It started this way
my neighbors said hey
come be in our play
nothing to it!… Read the rest