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Soapbox Saturday: Giant Sucking Sound

Do you feel like you are falling behind?  Well 90% of Americans are indeed hearing a giant sucking sound as the money is gobbled up by those at the top.  Geoff shares this chart from Daily KOS which shows that “for a long time, most of the gains from economic growth went to the bottom 90 percent of the income distribution.… Read the rest

Site Spotlight #3: Anomaly Tracker – OpenSecrets Blog

The Center for Responsive Politics keeps an eye out for bad eggs in Congress, and who keeps them rotten with cash.  Now they have a new tool to help citizens and voters keep an eye on that basket.

For years, our researchers have analyzed and crunched numbers looking for outliers — instances where a politician relies to an unusual degree on one group of donors, for instance, or contributors from one geographic area dominate a candidate’s fundraising.

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Were Not Broke Movie

I pay my taxes, why doesn’t Verizon/Pfiser/Bank of America?  Watch the documentary We’re Not Broke  and see why we are just not looking in the right place for the money we need to run the world!  From Europe to the US mega-corporations rule the market but then launder their tax bill in the West Indies, leaving the little guy holding the tax bag.  … Read the rest

Exposing the 1%

We hear about the global elite, who live in a transnational world while most folks have to stand in line for a rectal scan just to cross the country. That is, if they are not starving or dying from preventable diseases.  … Read the rest