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Thirsty Thursday: Full Frontal Sonic Circus

Here is another 3 minute radio comedy from Cosmic Significance. In this web-extra Sal Sonic (Elizabeth Brackman) interviews Media Man Sam (yours truly) as he manipulates the Massive Media to put ideas into your head.  How does it work?  “Why, just help me attach these testicular electrodes to the info net and ….” … Read the rest

The Longest Monologue Ever!

Bonnie Agan stars in Before Breakfast, an experiment by Eugene O’Neill to write the longest monologue ever.  This short play was revised for radio and directed by Dewey Davis-Thompson.  It was recorded live at the Studio@620 in St. Petersburg, FL in 2011 for the WMNF Studio@620 Radio Theater Project and aired on SoundStage on WMNF 88.5 FM in Tampa, Florida.… Read the rest

Naked Before God

In the amazing finale of Cosmic Significance 2012, my epic sci-fi radio comedy, the reptilians execute Order 67 – a hypnotic rock concert,  Pharaonic wedding and virgin sacrifice on the moon Titan to mark the end of the Great Mayan Pictun: December 21, 2012.… Read the rest