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Soapbox Saturday: NSFW Pope Song

I love Tim Minchin as a clever social commentator.  He reminds me of a modern, foul-mouthed Tom Lehrer with his witty ball-busting ballads.  But clearly this song came out before the latest pope started showing a different sort of compassion.   But does the new pope really represent “no more business as usual?” … Read the rest

Tim Minchin to Graduates

Geoff introduced me to Tim Minchin, the Australian comedian’s delightful address to graduates and notes “I looked Minchin up on Wikipedia and near the end of the article found this.  Wonderful!”

In his beat poem Storm, which centres on Minchin having an argument with a “hippie” who believes in various New Age alternatives in lieu of actual medicine, he states: “Science adjusts its views based on what’s observed.

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